The itinerant bar

Scenario: I am at the store, I receive a call, somebody asks for tech support via phone.

Me: Hello, good evening…

Person X: Hello, good evening.

Me: …How may I help you Sr.?

Person X: Yes, hello. Look I’m having issues with my laptop, well with my laptops desk on Windows. The tasks bar moves itself.

Me: OK… -I replied trying to get more details to see what was really the problem.

Person X: Well, there are times when the bar in were it has to be, and some others moves on the left or right and suddenly to the top… I do not know if it has something to do that I travel a lot, COULD THAT MIGHT BE POSSIBLE?

Me: NO, I DONT THINK SO, Why do you think that Sr.?

Person X: Because when I travel I have my laptop on my briefcase and I do travel a lot and move so it may get loose and move around the desk, I do not know if I could get it to be STILL or do something to fix this.

Me: Ohh!, OK. If you want you could stop by our store or I can assist you by phone to make it still.

Person X: Well, I will stop by later, THANKS.

Me: You are welcome.

This person never came to fix the problem, I hope he has blocked it by clicking on the task bar with the secondary mouse button and clicking Block Task Bar. … or maybe some tape might have helped, I do not want to think about tacks or glue to get it still.