What’s happening in Mexico, Why we say #YaMeCanse

* Ya me cansé (I’m tired of)

I promised myself not posting about politics on my blog, but this entrance is to expose what we are living here at Mexico.

Long story short, we Mexicans don’t want the project of nation that the politic party PRI set to us by imposing “President” Enrique Peña Nieto on the 2012 Presidential Election. The election process was dirty, there was a lot of money distributed to all the government levels to help his way up to Los Pinos (Mexico’s White House). They cleaned all traces by setting its own people where they could be used, like an altered chess game on steroids of corruption.

Some of this chess game like pieces of corruption (governors, and city mayors) have gotten the world attention after being denounced of traffic of influences, links with crime, and why not controlling crime of towns and areas.

There have been cases of corruption during last years, from small actions that ended with the lives of 44 toddlers form Sonora who died on a day-care center caught on fire. All the implicated politicians an figures responsible for the place permits are free, they got another charge far away. You can keep going with some other unsolved disappearances and kills where government has been involved directly.

Our previous government got stuck on a war against drugs, and over all the ex-President Felipe Calderon gave move confidence and hope, he was prepared, talked without a teleprompter and knew the country by numbers, that was something you can’t find on the present president who apparently did a “pact with the narcs”.

43 / Ayotzinapa

The most recent case is the disappearance of 43 rural teaching school students of Ayotzinapa located at Iguala, Gerrero near to a epicenter of crime related to drugs. This case was the drop that spilled the cup as the town major and his wife were directly pointed as perpetrators of this crime by using the towns institutions to prevent the students from invading and protesting at a public event that his wife “the first lady” was having, the students were shot to death and the ones who survived handed by the police to a crime band who reportedly burned them to ashes as said by the General Attorney of Justice Murillo Karam on a presentation of their lead on the investigation, and later contradicted by the students parents and the Forensic Team of Argentineans who claimed those weren’t the remains of the students.

The students parents won’t believe the government until the Argentine Forensic Team shows them proofs or certify the authenticity of any results or investigations related to the death of their sons.

Here we are talking of fierce students, not domesticated like us.

This is a nice resume of what happened and is going on at Mexico right now (November/September 2014).

First Lady’s Casa Blanca (White house)

Another of many cases of indignation for Mexicans was the “Casa Blanca” property of Enrique Peña Nieto that later was pointed to be of the mexican first lady “Angelica Rivera”, a mansion valued on 7 millions of Dollars apparently given by Televisa Network for a sort of deal/partnership for the presidential campaign and collaboration for building the image of president EPN.

“The first lady” declaration where she appears like if she were mad, forced to give this explanation, and obviously acting, in my opinion they tried to make a fool of Mexicans but that did’t happened. It is a shame to see our government afraid of not talking with the truth, you know when somebody is telling you a lie, we know the signs, we’re getting to know better and predict lies from Politicians. We are tired of that.

Here is this video that some actors did to explain what’s going on in Mexico:

Peaceful public demonstrations, Anarchist and Police

There have been walking marches to Mexico’s heart, people have gathered at several points of the Federal District (Mexico, D.F.), the demonstrations have tried to be peaceful but always end on interventions by the police, as some anarchic groups start causing damages to business and banks. People not related to those groups has sent to jail and beaten by police, it seems they can’t figure out who is and isn’t participation on those vandalic acts.

People has also reporting that the government has infiltrated soldiers/police disguised as anarchic members who light up and start riots, there are videos and photos of this person being protected by the police/soldiers and or arriving/leaving on soldiers trucks something really confusing.

I believe there’s going to be more scandals, this government took its place by cheating and we are going to find our way to expose corruption, and demand their promises, they always do give promises and never met them.

Most people want Enrique Peña Nieto to resign, and I think this has never happen in Mexico with any other president, you always see other positions being cut, rearranged, and in some cases general attorneys being murdered as warnings.

We are tired of them playing dirty, and on pressing us by the State with more taxes, less works, more crime, less security, cities spending on non necessary things. Representatives blocking other politic parties because they can make them look bad to citizens.

We are tired of al this patine of corruption where they float and move freely, without any responsibilities, building laws to protect from us and not for us. “Our” political system (if once was ours) it’s infected, it’s not just a political party, all of them, some people more than other. They live from us as bloodsuckers.

That’s why we say #YaMeCansé!

Some nice articles that talk about this situation: