What a comfortable chair

Scenario: Any other day of November 2008. I was on charge at the store. The weather was cold outside and on its interior warm. A homeless person enters the place with a blanket and some other stuff tied to it. He watch the products we sell and notice two chairs, the ones that our customers use for waiting.


Me: OK, there’s no problem Mister.

He puts his stuff over a chair, and gets ready to sit.
He settles and makes comfortable sighing “Ahhhh” as a relief.

Person: WOW! THIS CHAIR IS PRETTY COMFY!, How much did you paid for both chairs?

To answer something I said “$150.00 DOLLARS”.

Person: Ohhh! that’s why they’re so comfortable. Please don’t think that I want to bother, but I entered here to get some rest because it’s cold outside and I’m tired.

Me: OK Mister. there is no problem with that, take your time.

Time passed by (3 or 5 minutes), as I continued working on my laptop, the person looked all around, stared at products, the roof, THE CHAIRS, and closed his eyes and by some moments exhaled as if getting some relief.

Person: WELL, I’m leaving, I had some rest, now I HAVE TO CONTINUE WALKING.

So he suddenly asked “How much did you said that the chairs were worth?

Me: $150 USD, Mister.

Person: ALL RIGHT, congratulations, those chairs are pretty comfy, that’s why they’re so expensive. WELL, see you later.

Me: Have a nice day Mister.

He took his stuff and went out to with a simile on his face.

  • This anecdote is veridic and I’m writing it with all the respect to the involved characters, that for it’s innocence, doubt or funny situations make you remember this comic situations.