USA visits Cuba

On January 2015 President Obama said that The US was going to start easing their embargo to Cuba a thing that most people who love this two countries liked. I read pretty optimistic and cherish articles at the New York Times and The New Yorker and some other well known new sites. And there was an American who got there first.

The Embargo started around the 60’s when an arms embargo in 1959 happened and later when Cuba nationalized all three American-owned Cuban oil refineries without any compensation, that ended food and medicine exports and any trade. Some other threats to the US Government made them making other countries who traded with Cuba to be penalized. And things kept piling up, miss understandings, and the state of terrorist state, stuff that we can’t say ended hurting Cubans as their Socialist Government did by itself when Fidel Castro enclosed the country on his personal fight against USA and all that smelled to it.

So now that the diplomatic relations seem that are going to be reestablished to ease the Embargo, it was time for people who had a wrong idea or barely knew what or where Cuba was can take a look and why not visit some day. So a funny American was the volunteer ambassador to give this all new start visit to the Havana.

I liked the idea of Conan O’brien the Tv host of his own show and his Team Coco putting together a trip to expose himself to the Cuban experience. I like when he is not on control of the situation, that’s when funny stuff happens. I read somewhere that “who better to play the american idiot” than him, and I don’t agree with that but he does it his way and entertains, he’s an entertainer.

Conan shows the tourist side of Cuba “La Habana” with his crude humor and silliness, a thing I enjoy from his shows. So here’s a list of some capsules they made on their visit.