Del Harvey, Twitter’s Troll Patrol

Del Harvey

I read an interesting article at about Twitter’s vice president of trust and safety -Del Harvey- who’s task at Twitter is to decide what stays and what has to go from this network, she has to deal with the worst like: spam, harassment, child exploitation, porn, treats of murder and rape, and a world of un imaginable atrocities that that the human mind can create to hurt others. A titanic task don’t you think?.

Del Harvey it’s not even her legal name, not her hair, she’s a ghost and tries to move carefully to make difficult to others locate her. She came up with the idea of removing Metadata from the photos that were uploaded and shared on Twitter picture service as they contained valuable information that Stalkers could use for locating victims, as this data contained the GPS location of where the picture was taken. -A very smart move.

On this interview she tells how sometimes you cannot block a word just because you think it is offensive, but to know humanly the context or use of it to know it is not what you thought the first time. She also tells that Twitter has automated systems to cut down Spam, and that cases of suicide and direct violence require manual review of her team and her.

I found her character and personality as this Social Media judge and executer who has to deal with bad things and predict catastrophes as she says.

I recommend reading the full interview at the end of the page and watching this video.

DEL HARVEY at TED: The strangeness of scale at Twitter


Photo: By Forbes / Kashmir Hill