“Dia de muertos” 2011, tribute to Steve Jobs


Last November 2nd 2011 at the “Dia de Muertos” (Deaths day) as you might know it’s a traditional holiday in the South of Mexico for remembering the ones who have left, familiars, friends and loved ones. So we made it more North-Mex-Cali style…

I had the weird idea of making an altar to Steve Jobs at the principal plaza or near to the presidency building, just to tease them or bothering, but I got no reply from other citizens on Twitter, well at least there was one who cheerfully agreed to help.

After seeing that there was not support for that silly idea, I decided to mount it for real at our business, recurring again for some help from the Twitter community of Monclova who always is willing to participate at the events of my town.

This altar to Steve Jobs was more than just a fanatic tribute as it may probably seems, it’s a simple tribute to a man who made a dent on the technology we use now by revolutionizing it, by inspiring a lot of people who at the same time made changes by creating new ideas that are also revolutionized tech, clothing, food, movies, etc.

Special thanks to my town and Twitter friends @marcossamaniego, @nantyfree, @cemtz, @frankstrada y @gutierrezfalcon who helped me by bringing Steve related stuff to made possible this altar to a man who is an icon of the Cult of Mac Steve Jobs.

What it started as a silly joke became a great time among friends, a day to recall.

Here are some photos: