Hello new blog

Hello world! (once again)

I’ve been trying to continue blogging, and I feel I haven’t found the zen of it, as I’ve tried and tested several blog services and setups to find the perfect arrange to feel comfortable writing.


In 2010 I started blogging with WordPress, which I like a lot and have invested time in getting to know the platform, customize and hack for certain uses or purposes. I use it a lot as a web site solution for my customers, and for some personal projects. In WordPress I can find that certain serenity for business and corporate web pages and blogging that you can’t find anywhere else, but at the same time it gets complex and makes it hard to deal as its database grows, plugins, data backups, etc. Continue reading “Hello new blog”

What’s the best service for storing Images posted on Twitter?

twitter logo

This is a question that has been spinning around my head for some months as there are many options depending of the Twitter client you use, like the official, and some other free 3rd party services to Host images, most of them are dedicated Social networks of images that let you share to Twitter, some other are Dropbox like services (paid / free*) that let you share images on a certain way, there are and some PHP options around the web that you can mount on your hosting. Continue reading “What’s the best service for storing Images posted on Twitter?”