Interacting with our devices and AI to communicate with others

The way we communicate has changed a lot on the latest decades. The first email account I had years ago at university was accessed on a MS-Dos system (on a green monochromatic monitor), accessed by commands with no graphics. Then I was exposed to the graphic Internet during University with services like IRC, Chat rooms, Hotmail, Yahoo! mailing services and ICQ. It was a door open to the whole world, not just for chatting with locals.

When the cellphone started being popular among students in 2001 (here at my hometown Monclova, Coah.), sending texts was popular because of the cheap rates and instability of the charging system. Few years later Instant Messaging (IM) became very popular, things had changed recently with other Apps cutting and sharing the IM communications cake.

Nowadays besides just text you can talk in some of the latest VoIP technologies on Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, FaceTime and so on if you rather using your data instead of just calling on the cellphone the old way. There are more than 2 ways of receiving a call. Continue reading “Interacting with our devices and AI to communicate with others”

Del Harvey, Twitter’s Troll Patrol

Del Harvey

I read an interesting article at about Twitter’s vice president of trust and safety -Del Harvey- who’s task at Twitter is to decide what stays and what has to go from this network, she has to deal with the worst like: spam, harassment, child exploitation, porn, treats of murder and rape, and a world of un imaginable atrocities that that the human mind can create to hurt others. A titanic task don’t you think?. Continue reading “Del Harvey, Twitter’s Troll Patrol”

What’s the best service for storing Images posted on Twitter?

twitter logo

This is a question that has been spinning around my head for some months as there are many options depending of the Twitter client you use, like the official, and some other free 3rd party services to Host images, most of them are dedicated Social networks of images that let you share to Twitter, some other are Dropbox like services (paid / free*) that let you share images on a certain way, there are and some PHP options around the web that you can mount on your hosting. Continue reading “What’s the best service for storing Images posted on Twitter?”