Sketching in black and white, again

sketch book

I used to sketch and draw, always been inspired by others who I believe have better skills than me. I’ve been busy doing some other stuff that I haven’t put more effort on it, when I’ve done it I feel is relaxing, and heals.

During the last years I have been more confident to show my creative works to friends (well sort, the ones what I think could be) and they have like it. From my tattooed lion to my logo designs and some other draws I’ve made during trips or at some sketchbooks that I got but never continue to work on them.

Talking with some friends who are in to art about what I like to do “Lines”, their suggestion was “keep doing it”, “keep drawing, sketching”. So I’ll be doing it quite more often, working with black ink. I hope to do at least something new per week if not more.

Coloring is not my thing, I’ve tried colors and put them away instantly, anyway there is this other color that I like besides black, red, I think is one of the most pleasing colors to work with. So I might be using it every now and then.

So let’s see what comes out from my ink pens into my sketchbook. I’m probably be posting a bit more here or somewhere else.