Korean food, market and other sweetness

On my last trip to CA I was exited to get to see my friends after years and some hours of flight, but also on the mood of having certain kind of foods and tastes that I hadn’t have for a while.

Landing from my last connection from Colorado it was getting time for dinner, so when in San Jose I thought of Korean food. After my friends picked me up they were wondering if I wanted to have Korean food or something else, “Korean food” was my instantly reply.

So we went to the Choi’s Korean Restaurant, a place we’ve been before during other visits and celebrations. A good friend of us from Korea suggested it for the first time and since that time it has been a place for having nice chats, enjoying food and for catching up with our lives.

We ordered several dishes for sharing, I can’t come up with the names right now but everything was delicious. I love this place.

korean restaurant


transparent noodles dish

transparent noodles


entries and leaves

news papers and magazines

After a nice diner. It was time for dessert.

Ice cream and bread

We crossed the street to get to Honeyberry a South Korean ice cream store. My friend who is Korean told us that they had this kind of popular bread, it’s like a bun, kind of sweet.

The ice cream was good. A layer of frosted ice at the bottom, several flavored ice-cream scoops on top, kiwi, beans and some jelly things. It was good.

korean ice cream

ice cream and bread

What else?, yes let’s go and get some groceries at the market.

Korean market

It’s always good to visit the HanKook Korean Supermarket, I probably enjoy it because I kind of feel like I’m Korea for a while. I like to see things, walk the ills and usually buying candies for my friends or family.

So here are some images of things I found there.

apples at korean market Big apple.

garlic at market Garlic / Coconut

asian gumies and candies Jellies and candies.

korean chips Chips (most are from sea creatures).

korean alcohol Alcoholic beverages.

stomach medicine Stomach ache remedies.

Korean Pastry

So some other day when we had our tech tour around Cupertino and Mountain View, we went to this all fancy and cute Korean pastry store, they had a lot sweet things to eat. It recalled me another store that I have been before, well kind of just for the sweet things, this is Gayle’s at Capitola, Ca. (Which I didn’t visit this time) where they server healthy salty food and sweet.

The whole place theme was kind of french but ran by South Koreans who always have good taste for nice style and sweet treats like this.

I had a mango bread thingie. There were too many things that I couldn’t decide what to have so I just got something with mango. And it was very good.


goodies 2

cold cakes

pastries selection