Seeking Teslas in the wild

In my last trip to Ca. I was kind of interested on seeing a Tesla Car (the fantastic and most technologically advanced electric car from Tesla Motors) and also (if lucky) getting the chance to interact with it. It was something like those other activities at Santa Cruz of looking for animals in the wild like: Quails, Coyotes at the Longs Marine Laboratory or getting to see a Sea Otter at the Pacific Ocean or (closer) at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

This was kind of senseless (as my tours to my favorite Tech companies at the Silicon Valley) but al least gave us the chance to have fun and have something to talk about later. We saw few Teslas while driving Silicon Valley’s highways, and saw few more parked Downtown San Jose and at charging stations.

Tesla at highway

One day, the previous day before leaving we dropped by the Tesla Retail Store at Santana Row San Jose, Ca.

The Store

The Store

Entering the store it’s an experience, the closer thing I can recall it’s like: “entering an Apple Store”, the product is sitting there to touch and feel, of course you may be able to test the car and drive it if you’re a potential client.

Entrance Tesla Store

  • You can take a peek inside the store at this link.

Store back to front

So in the meanwhile you can interact with the cars that are parked in the store, open doors, get in, contemplate details on the dashboard, the big touch screen. oh! yeah the external door handles that vanish into the door and pop up when you push them. There are workers around answering questions you might have or to give you some facts about the how efficient this car will be.


You can also see what’s beneath the car, its skull and guts.

Tesla Skull


Front motor



Yes, there are souvenirs. They aren’t as expensive as I thought they would be. There are caps, t-shirts, vests, wind jackets all first quality stitch and materials. So if you’re not going to buy a car you can at least bring home something with that sweet T logo on it.

We had a nice time looking around, got some photos by the car and into the car. Electric cars are getting popular in the US and more at California, some other companies are competing with this magnificent cars, but over all to stop depending on Oil.

Teslas and power stations at the parking lot

teslas at parking lot

A video review of the best 5 features on a Tesla