San Juan de Sabinas river trip

I made a trip with some friends to this almost hidden river bank somewhere around San Juan de Sabinas, Coahuila near to Rosita, Coah.

The whole area and towns: Rosita, Palau and Muzquiz evoked a familiar air and feeling that I’ve been there before, don’t know if for the indian mysticism, or the alike of the towns to those I found around California like: Watsonville, Gilroy and Morgan Hill, those were the ones who came to my mind for few details I noticed like: the streets, some market stores, and the cleanliness of the streets over all.

All that area was once inhabited by Seminoles in 1849, Muskogee (Black Seminoles) a join of African Slaves who escaped, and by 1864 the first Kikapú Indians. You can still see the three cultures around Melchor Muzquiz town, Muskogee, Kikapú and Mexicans.
I thought of what may our river at Monclova had looked years from its foundation, or before people came to settle here. Until now that the Steel Industry ended its life.

It felt good to reencounter with nature, so pleasant. As a friend you haven’t seen on a while. Too much to talk about, but in silence.

The terrain is semi desertic, there are small bushes and near to the river grow walnut trees and apparently river oaks. I loved the rounded rocks at a side and bottom of the river, they reminded me Japan’s national anthem “Kimigayo” (for small pebbles to grow into a great rock).

We also were looking for little creatures, lizards, spiders, there were several roadrunners, quail, squirrels eagles, and two beautiful birds with red chest and the other yellow chest. I’m not that good recognizing birds but they weren’t cardinals or swallows.

I enjoyed floating with the current, drifting slowly listening underwater noises, watching the tree branches, the sky, clouds, and sun rays. Felt I was watter.


ramas arbol


arboles secos

raices afuera

arboles vertical


Here are some more photos of this day.

The photos were taken around this area: