Viva Animalia Project – Tattooed Lion

Lion front

On July 13, 2013 I participated on an altruist event here at Monclova organized by Hola Venado or Eduardo “Venado” De la Huerta owner of the Taller Querido Venado a Furniture repair and Home Decor store operated by him who is also the director of the Store Potente Vintage.

Eduardo got this idea of a project called Animalia where artists or people who wanted to participate had to paint a white plaster figure of a lion. Each of us had to paint it or decor it in the most original way we could, by participating we raised money for a good cause.

The process and style

Once I had my white lion I started thinking what would I do with it, maybe painting it with boring lion colors, yellow and brown. By those days I just received some Rotring black ink pens, so I started doodling on a piece of paper, I would tattoo it from face to fangs.

The pen lines were so thin so I had to use some small brushes to draw or cover bigger sections like the black arm tattoo. I worked for weeks, usually during the night when I had some time. It was a some sort of therapeutic exercise as I forgot about other things.

Yet one night before the exhibition I was still working on it covering sections I thought seemed to look empty.

The Tattooed Lion

lion front and back

lion right and left sides

lion left and right back

lion right face

lion front face

lion left side detail

lion left side back detail

lion paws

lion right side detail zoom

lion right side detail

lion right back side

lion back detail

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