My new avatar, 2015

I usually don’t change that often my social networks photo profiles, it takes a while finding a photo can represent me clearly.

I’ve seen some pretty nice cartoons the last years, I found some people that charge for making you a cartoon for your avatar, a friend once made one for me. But there was this style of cartoon that I really liked. Continue reading “My new avatar, 2015”

Elastic minimal wallet, Project

On my seek of carrying less stuff on me, specially weight, few years a go I moved from a rear pocket wallet to a front one and removed some cards, the more slim the better, I used some slim leather wallets, and later moved to a metallic minimal one. But when I saw this project I liked it, and I said I need to have one.

This slim wallet project was presented at a KickStarter called Slim – The Thinnest Wallet Ever. There are many alike projects and I also checked some videos on youtube to see how to make one. Continue reading “Elastic minimal wallet, Project”

Monclova Bien, logo


*This entrance appeared first on my Behance profile.

I worked with this citizens group of my town called “Luchando por un Monclova Digno” (Fighting for a Monclova with Dignity).

I suggested them a shortest name and more powerful like Monclova Bien (Monclova OK, Monclova in good shape) so I came up with this idea of representing their purpose as a pure and strong group who’s will question the local government and its authorities. Continue reading “Monclova Bien, logo”

Hard drives Flowerpot

I have time storing e-waste that I know it will probably be nice to recycle by giving it some other use later, I have hard drives, RAM sticks, Motherboards, etc.

I thought it would be great to mix e-devices with nature, so I took four old and damaged hard drives, and put them together with some plastic belts, a black bag for plants, and 3 spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum).

I liked how it looks.

Ejercicio Ciudadano para Elección Municipal Monclova 2013

Este fue un mini proyecto/hobbie para la Elección Municipal de mi ciudad Monclova, Coah. en el 2013 con el afán de conocer mejor que opciones teníamos en los candidatos, se me ocurrió construir un micrositio hospedado en mi dominio para que otros ciudadanos conocieran las opciones y lo que los candidatos hacían público en medios y sus redes sociales.

El primer paso fue acercarme con el IFE, el cual me redirigió a mi entidad municipal con el IEPCC, realicé una llamada y me comentaron que ellos no podían proporcionarme información de curriculum de los candidatos. Se me hizo entonces que no servía de nada más que para regular cosas internas de ellos, el proceso de elección básicamente. Continue reading “Ejercicio Ciudadano para Elección Municipal Monclova 2013”