Leaving behind

leaving New Zealand behind by Jon Sullivan, on Flickr
Photo by Jon Sullivan, on Flickr

I’ve been leaving behind things from my life. Stuff I used to care, brands, thoughts, etc.


When you are young you think all this gives you a status specially brands. I wear this brand shoes and this clotting. I can buy this!. I recall being obsessed with Reebok tennis shoes, then a little adidas. I was buying things that would fit big on me, but maybe I thought I felt I really needed to have it.

After years has been easy to leave those material things behind, giving them away to friends who might like a jacket or to good causes. Lately I rarely wear stamped t-shirts so I gave most of them (a collection) to the Red Cross when the Piedras Negras, Coah. flooding. That time I spliced my wardrobe in two. It felt great. I would do it again. Continue reading “Leaving behind”

Hello new blog

Hello world! (once again)

I’ve been trying to continue blogging, and I feel I haven’t found the zen of it, as I’ve tried and tested several blog services and setups to find the perfect arrange to feel comfortable writing.


In 2010 I started blogging with WordPress, which I like a lot and have invested time in getting to know the platform, customize and hack for certain uses or purposes. I use it a lot as a web site solution for my customers, and for some personal projects. In WordPress I can find that certain serenity for business and corporate web pages and blogging that you can’t find anywhere else, but at the same time it gets complex and makes it hard to deal as its database grows, plugins, data backups, etc. Continue reading “Hello new blog”

Nerves and stress to the computers

I give IT support to this client who stresses himself a lot and forgets all he has learned like really simple tasks on his computer, I know him from 2 years ago, he uses a laptop for emailing and reading news.

The task was to teach him how to backup some documents into an USB Flash memory an easy task that for most of the people, but not to him once he started feeling stressed by the idea that it would be hard to doit. Continue reading “Nerves and stress to the computers”

We used to go to school the last fridays of the month

For some time I have been curious and paid some attention on how generally there ain’t activity of cars picking up kids at schools on Fridays (primary schools, and some others), I don’t know if this is a casualty. As classes continue normally from Monday to Thursdays with cars picking up students. It apparently has something to do with the casualty that I drive by on the last friday of the month.

As I’ve read and heard from others; the last friday of the month is the day when teachers in Mexico have briefs, meetings, courses for improving teaching and learning on their classes and in fact the country’s education (so there ain’t classes). I may have been losing the notion of time as it feels as if we were living more Fridays end of the month that the ones available by month with all the free days off caused by holidays and public holidays. It feels as if we were trapped on a perpetual Friday at the end of the month. Continue reading “We used to go to school the last fridays of the month”

What’s the best service for storing Images posted on Twitter?

twitter logo

This is a question that has been spinning around my head for some months as there are many options depending of the Twitter client you use, like the official, and some other free 3rd party services to Host images, most of them are dedicated Social networks of images that let you share to Twitter, some other are Dropbox like services (paid / free*) that let you share images on a certain way, there are and some PHP options around the web that you can mount on your hosting. Continue reading “What’s the best service for storing Images posted on Twitter?”

Calaveritas 2012

El pasado 2 de Noviembre el llamado “Día de Muertos” en México, hice algunas calaveritas de amigos Twiteros con los que convivo, se que me faltaron muchos, espero a la otra poder hacer más. Fue un ejercicio de concentración y creatividad, se me ocurrían tantas cosas que no sabía que  podría hacerlo, de repente se me ocurría algo para la de otro y así me fui sin orden alguno, intentando solamente que rimara nada mas. Continue reading “Calaveritas 2012”

Exposición Stop Keep Moving

El día 17 de febrero de 2012 se inauguró una exposición de muestra arquitectónica en el Museo Pape en nuestra ciudad Monclova la cual estuvo a disposición del publico hasta Julio 2012.

La exposición fue presentada por Bunker (BNKR) Arquitectura, una compañía fundada por los hermanos Esteban Suárez y Sebastián Suárez en el 2005 con oficina central en World Trade Center, México D.F. Continue reading “Exposición Stop Keep Moving”