Occupy Hong Kong

The last week of September 2014 about 2,000 people (students mostly and citizens) Occupied Hong Kong central and on the following days about 16,000 occupied one of the most emblematic points of the Asian Economy the financial district.

The Hong Kongers demanded a full democratic government, to have the right to vote to choose a city chief executive for Hong Kong. And also want the actual chief executive to resign as he was indirectly elected on a fraudulent dictated election.

In few words Free and Fair elections, to have the right to vote on 2017. And continue to have an individual government system away from Chinas communism.

Students continue to have talks with government and now they agreed to reopen the closed areas to leave people go back to their works.

People is getting tired of the abuse of governments, politicians hunger / thirst for more money, we no longer support and can stand that, not in our countries, nor in any other.