Nerves and stress to the computers

I give IT support to this client who stresses himself a lot and forgets all he has learned like really simple tasks on his computer, I know him from 2 years ago, he uses a laptop for emailing and reading news.

The task was to teach him how to backup some documents into an USB Flash memory an easy task that for most of the people, but not to him once he started feeling stressed by the idea that it would be hard to doit.

Client: OK, What is this?
Me: (What? -I thought), It’s the charger connector.
Client: And that?
Me: Is… the networking cable. From where your internet comes. (I thought -Here we go again back to day 1).

Client: And this?
Me: That’ the USB cable.
Client: The one of my printer?
Me: Yes, that’s correct.

Me: Let’s se what do you need, do you want to copy a folder into an USB memory?
Client: Yes, Where it is?
Me: What thing? (I had to be more accurate on my questions), the USB memory?
Client: Yes!, I had it around here!, have you seen it?
Me: I really don’t know, as you may have seen I just arrived. (if he thought another thing).
Client: Ohh!, got it, it’s here!.

Me: Let’s connect it into the USB port.
Client: Where?
Me: Into a side of where there cable of your printer goes that it’s also USB.
Client: And what is this?
Me: (kind of confused I thought -another step back), It’s the power button of your laptop. You just turned it ON by pressing it minutes ago. I think. (Ohh no!!)
Client: OK, let’s go ahead.

Me: We’ll connect the USB memory here. (at the USB slot).
Client: What was that sound?
Me: (my guts? -am I hungry? I thought), Oh! that was Windows sound when detecting an external device.
Client: Why?

By this moment by body had released enough patience to survive this wave of questions, I just wanted to get to the point where I had to copy some files at least 4 or 5 times so I could see how.

Me: Because when we connect the memory to the computer it warns or let you know a new device has been connected so we can start working with it.
Client: Ah OK, those computers one day are going to replace us.
Me: (Indeed, I thought sarcastically).

Me: Well let’s see which folder is the one you want to backup. Where is the folder?.
Client: It was at my documents folder.

I was going to ask what was the folder called when he just pointed me which one was when I rolled to mouse cursor over it.

Client: That one!
Me: OK.

What would be the easiest way to teach him how to doit if I had already tried before.
By clicking on menu copy, CTRL+C?. No, I’ve tried that with no luck for several times.

Me: Wait 5 minutes, I’m gonna do you a batch script so you can automatically copy what you want.

I searched some MS-Dos commands to make a Batch file and he started talking about Enrique Peña Nieto Mexico’s president and his sons (the client sons), I didn’t find anything related for what he was comparing and continued working on the file.
…I finished.

Me: OK, done.
Client: (With a notepad and pen on hand)
Me: You won’t need any of that, you just have to double click (two times, we’ve talked about this before) with the left button of your mouse over a file to execute the copy task.
Client: I thought it was going to be more complicated than that, anyway I’ll write down which icon I had to double click.

We did at least 4 test and checked that all the files had successfully backed up.

Client: That was easy, well, I’ll call you if I had any difficulty to do the backup.
Me: :s