Jose Mujica at Guadalajara’s FIL 2014

This year the International Book Fair (FIL) Guadalajara 2014 had two very memorable talks, Jose Mujica President of the Republica Oriental del Uruguay (Western Republic of Uruguay) was invited to receive the Lion’s Heart award at the University of Guadalajara.

President Mujica gave a speech at the award event and a sort of interview the following day, which was conducted by the well known Mexican broadcaster Ricardo Rocha who was thrilled and couldn’t hide it for the honor of being there by Mujica’s side.

The Uruguayan president with that kindness, patience, simplicity, and wisdom talked about that he didn’t want to be taken as a symbol of what others need or seek to believe in something, his way of seeing politics, happiness related to consumerism, Mexico, and of course his austere government.

I’m a big fan of his very simple and powerful speeches, he’s out of the political world we know, a civil fighter, an ex guerrilla rebel, who dreams to see Latin America together as a powerful economic block as the European Union.

Here are the two interviews/speech: