The sleeping Fenix, and the roaring Dragon

So longer story short:

“Mexican Government welcomes wide open Chinese Steel into its territory, China’s steel very low low prices make suffer Mexico’s sleeping Steel Industry, Mexican Steel Industry really pissed off with it’s government, My town’s steel company will turn upside down the country’s borders if there’s no change on Steel dumping”.

Well, apparently as there are many versions of what is really going on at my town’s Steel Factory, some others are: “there’s no money”, “they’re not exporting”, “they’re selling the company”, “they need to be effective”, “new owners are coming”, “steel related industry projects are coming and they need changes on steel policies” , and so on. In the meanwhile there’s panic, as this town depends mainly on steel related works.

The forecast for the company’s health and life isn’t clear, so as externs we just have to wait and see what time and money has for them, and us.

Best wishes for a honest company, and a farewell to ineffectiveness.