Kobe’s career last game and Warriors 73-09

I love the Warriors, but I also love Kobe Bryant. He was like a second Michael Jordan to me. Well sort of a basketball father, a role model. I got some of his Adidas shoes, they were well designed, watched a lot of games with the Lakers, tried to play like him. Then 5 Championships.

Kobe’s game was a lot similar to Jordan’s, the passion, the eager to prove they were way better, he saw him as his idol, later as a rival, and for sure now they are at a similar level as basketball legends. Both provided excitement to the game and the NBA league.

This night there were two games on TV, Golden State Warriors chasing history 73-9 to surpass Bulls perfect season of 1995-96 of 72-10, and Kobe Bryant’s last game of his career of 20 years as a Los Angeles Laker player, the one and only team he played after Charlotte Hornets traded him in 1996.

I didn’t want to miss anything so I got both games streamings on my laptop, I was switching from one into another.

The Warriors pressed strong over the Grizzlies, they’ve played before and surpass them. They smashed them on the start of the season, and during last year’s playoffs. There was a 3 pointers rain during the game.

Stephen Curry surpassed the 400 scored 3 pointers in a season.

With the Lakers down most of the game and with Kobe pushing the score up, they managed to tie the game. Kobe looked tired, he was doing an super extra effort to keep playing and scoring.

Then he did what I recall him doing, he took control of the game scoring a three pointer that put them up by one, then 2 points after Utah turned over the ball. Then Utah had the chance to score and missed, Kobe sent a long pass and Lakers were up with the game on their pocket.

This is how I recall Kobe’s games, as Jordan’s, always making the last shoots for the win, pushing hard, and harder until the time is over. So his time ended on the court, I felt proud of him playing this perfect farewell game. If there’s going to be a movie of him they should probably put tonight’s game last seconds.

Kobe got 60 points, the most on a last career game of a player retiring, an NBA record.

Curry and company also wrote NBA history by getting 73-9.
The Warriors are fueled up for playoffs, hope they win another championship.

“Mamba Out…”, Thank you Kobe…