What I liked from CES 2016

These are some of the best products I followed this year at CES 2016 covered by The Verge. Some for health and safety, and others for entertainment and tech.

Smart glucose monitor

This was one of the best product announcements on health, specially for what it represents on steps for getting the test done from getting the blood, sending the results and getting them back from the doctor.
Diabetes affects about the 50% of Mexicans and it’s one of the two main causes of death in the US, so this seems like simple way and nice improvement on measurement and doctor report time.

Identilock smart gun lock

This is a nice approach to the gun control in the US, with this smart lock the gun is protected so only the user or users of it could validate with his fingerprint to be able to shoot it. It uses a battery and doesn´t need the Internet to validate.

Remix OS (Android)

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Looks like a simple and minimal OS, similar to Elementary OS (Ubuntu). This is Android reimagined to work on a PC or laptop. It looks cool. I want to test it.

Nvidia Car Supercomputer

With many Tech companies venturing into the smart car business, Nvidia is getting right what is going to be the brain behind the wheel and everywhere around the car. Looks similar to what Google uses on it´s cars.

Kangaroo pocket PC (Windows 10)

Pico PC´s are kind of cool, small computers you can take anywhere or attach them to LED Tv´s.

Polar smart scale

A weight scale that syncs with an App on your cellphone.

Sony turntable

A retro turntable made it right on the 2016.

Smart fridges (Samsung and LG)

Smart fridges with bigger screens, quick access doors, and no hands auto door opening.