i’M-Leaving, moving to Android


I’ve owned some other phones prior to 2007. Back in 2001 when phones were kind of accessible to students in Mexico and most started using one of those Nokia brick monochromatic phones that worked only for calling and texting. Messaging was popular during those days as the network had some failures every now and then and there were holes during times that meant free texting hours.

I decided getting a phone later on 2005 when I felt I needed one and went from some monochromatic ones to others with a lamp on it, then to ones with tiny color screens (Motorola), and better ringtones (Sony Ericsson).

But there was nothing like the iPhone presented on 2007. That really made a dent on what smartphones headed now, the first version had a basic camera with no flash (led) as newer ones have now and had 8GB of storage. With one one my hands I got it synced with my mac thru iTunes and so I kept loving it during the previous years of use and upgrades.

I started using an iPhone about a year before the 1st generation hit the market. My last phone was a Nokia and I used it to sync music, contacts and I can’t recall if a calendar too on my mac but things were not that easy during those days. So with an iPhone everything changed or at least I wanted to feel that way and loved it because of the ease to sync with my Macbook Pro.

Most of the iPhones I owned were second handed from friends from the US (AT&T) so I had to unlock them to get them to work with mexico’s carriers, I recall buying credits to liberate them or with one of those little “Gevey” SIM trays with a circuit on it, I also tried some others to make my phone dual SIM. Later on that unlocking phones was legal on the US, users had the right to unlock their devices by paying and using whatever SIM they wanted too, so unlocking them is easier now.

So after some other new iPhones were presented and if there was an opportunity of having a friend changing its device, I upgraded my devices to a 3G, 3GS, 4, and a 4S until 2013. I never had the last system on the block I stayed with what seemed to be the most stable one and/or supported to be Unlocked and Jailbroken.

During all this period of time Apple built an App and Song empire and started dragging more and more people into their iPods, iPads and iPhones.

Their Apps are nice, and most of the times appear first at the Apple Store than in any other store, some are iOS exclusive and are pretty neat, during the years I found some free Apps very practical and bought some others that I thought were worth paying for like Tweetbot.

I loved the system, a small OS X for microcomputers as my phone became an extension of my laptop. With all the freedom that it had to offer anyhow I felt the system was too closed to what Apple said and wanted you to do. So I tried Jailbreaking my iPhones with that you could install non validated Apps from a store called Cydia, there were Apps like this lantern one that made your iPhone led light bright brighter than the allowed on the official apps. It has it’s Pro’s and Con’s it made the system slower so I opted to use a clean installation of the OS, the last I used was 7.2.4.

Switching to Android, should I?

I used an iPhone because I felt it was practical, syncing it to my Mac and even thinking that some day I’ll probably have an iPad or another tablet. I haven’t gotten or feel on the need to get one so far because I feel my phone helps me to do all the work or what I need to do everyday when away from my laptop, and since I have an e-reader (nook) a tablet could probably be a distraction.

I can’t say anything bad about iOS or an iPhone as I wouldn’t say about a girl I broke up with, for any the reason could be. I enjoyed the trip, the experience and the ease of my e-life thru this device.

Another phone, a cheaper one

So the change was imminent and I started looking for another phone options, I liked Motorola’s Moto X, the Nexus 5, and also thought seriously to continue with Apple by buying an iPhone 5S on eBay but the price was kind of expensive for it’s screen and specs.

I did some research on prices and specs and discovered kind of late but luckily on time the OnePlus One phone. I googled it, watched a lot of reviews at Youtube and started liking it. I wanted to buy it.

Buying it wasn’t the easiest part as it was sold only by invitation. I had to log into the OnePlus One forum to look for and invitation, there were people begging to get one, I also saw how automated bots were robing invitations that were published openly, there were also invitations being sold on ebay. Getting it had been insane since the beginning of 2014.

I was lucky to get one invitation at a forum threat, there was this giveaway contest where your have to tell why you wanted the OnePlus One, I explained sincerely that I was going to leave the iPhone insanity for a phone with cheaper and grater specs. I won it and ordered it.

The OnePlus One

It is real, all they say, nice things and bad, the camera quality, lack of camera stabilization, screen size, everything is as described on reviews and videos.

I’ve been using it an loving it so far since November 2014.

Moving from iOS to Android

It was something easy as I’ve been using few Google’s services as Drive for documents, the Chrome explorer and few extensions. I don’t use GMail that much but to log into their great services and Apps.

Here are some of the main things I liked:

iTunes to Google Play / Music

The ease of the transition amazed me, I just had to install an App complement to Google Chrome so I could load a web App to manage my music library. I went with the free account and opted to bring my iTunes library, the program asked me if I wanted to browse where my music was or go into my previous (iTunes) library and go from there.

The loading process to the cloud took a while as I have about 1,280 songs, it was interesting to see that all my music went to the cloud, even lists were imported. There is still room for some more music as you can upload about 20,000 songs to the cloud.

I installed the Google Music Chromecast App on iOS while my migration to test the power of Google, It worked perfectly, the App has the option for downloading the whole album for off line reproduction. Then I installed it on my OnePlus One and worked perfectly. Now I can stream my music to the TV.

Apple Notes to Google Keep

Google has this nice Web App called Keep that is working as my main notepad. There is also an Android App that syncs perfectly from device to device. Keep is better than the OS X/iOS Notes as it lets you create plain text notes with links, list, attach photos and voice notes. You can also create reminders from there.

There is this other option to sync your OS X Notes with ones that GMail has by configuring them on your Mac’s options. I stop using them, and made Keep the main notepad.


Moving my contacts was easy, I have them stored at my Yahoo Mail so I created a backup and load it into my GMail Contacts.


I never liked how Apple synced my photos from my iPhone, I used for a while iCloud and stopped using it as I apparently exceeded the 5GB of storage, I barely used a little more than 2GB, and also synced them with Dropbox but again started receiving that message that “I’ve passed the limit of storage”.

Google stores them at http://photos.google.com and they’re connected to Google Plus, Android ask you if you want to sync your photos every time an App creates a fodder for its photos so you can decide wether to automatically uploading them or not. I like this.

There was this day when I attended an event and took some photos, the following mooring I received a notification that Google had just created a Moment Story it was nice, it showed the location, some of the better photos and none was repeated, it also choose the best photo of 5 that I took of a group of people.

Videos are also syncing at my Google cloud.

App Ecosystem

Days before migrating I started looking for some Apps that I wanted to use, most of them were available at the Google Play Store for free, I bookmarked them for downloading them later. I downloaded all the official Apps of Social Networks and Instant Messaging as may other cool Google Apps that I started using like Fit, Play NewsStand, My Tracks, etc.

Tweetbot was the only App that I was going to miss from iOS. It was a nice App for using Twitter and made the twitter experience better than using the official App. After doing some searches and reading some reviews I found an Android App called Fenix, I bought it. I’ve like it so far, it is better than Tweetbot it does the same and some other things, it’s very intuitive, you slide things to one or the other side to get things done. Composing messages is nice, photos are displayed nice, and it has many options to configure.

The only thing it’s missing or I couldn’t find was selecting the image uploading service, Tweetbot let you select several and a customized one that was the main reason I was using it when I decided to store my own Twitter images at my domain (pic.cthue.com). I later changed my mind and continued using Twitter’s service, so I don’t miss that option at all.

I like Android

I liked even more Cyanogen Mod Android 4.4.4 and can’t wait to get the new Cyanogen Mod Android 5.0 Lollipop. The Material Design looks nice, as we’ve seen it on some of the Apps that Google has been updating prior to match with it like Inbox, Calendar and some others.

I can say I’m enjoying the Android experience, I can do more things at a time, and decide how to send something, also whit what Apps can I open something. The OnePlus One 5.5″ screen was also a nice upgrade as if I had stayed with an iPhone 5S it could have taken forever to move from a tiny screen without paying about $900 USD for an iPhone 6, and have continued to use an iPhone mini as I used to call it on my last days.

Yes I would recommend buying an OnePlus One and using Android, Cyanogen Mod of course may give you a better experience.