Leaving behind

leaving New Zealand behind by Jon Sullivan, on Flickr
Photo by Jon Sullivan, on Flickr

I’ve been leaving behind things from my life. Stuff I used to care, brands, thoughts, etc.


When you are young you think all this gives you a status specially brands. I wear this brand shoes and this clotting. I can buy this!. I recall being obsessed with Reebok tennis shoes, then a little adidas. I was buying things that would fit big on me, but maybe I thought I felt I really needed to have it.

After years has been easy to leave those material things behind, giving them away to friends who might like a jacket or to good causes. Lately I rarely wear stamped t-shirts so I gave most of them (a collection) to the Red Cross when the Piedras Negras, Coah. flooding. That time I spliced my wardrobe in two. It felt great. I would do it again.

Lately it’s been easier to buy clothes for me, now I look for simple durable stuff for the diary day activities and some other formal clothes for special occasions. Denim pants and cheap t-shirts, boots and that’s it.


I’ve also quit some drinks. I stopped drinking Coca-Cola soda on January 2002, it’s been a while. I felt I was consuming too much when I was at university so that was it, one day I decided stopping drinking it and I got it, just like that.

I would like to stop doing some other stuff I know is bad for my health like sleeping too late. But I feel I can’t stop it. Well sure I will some day.


Perhaps the most difficult thing to do when dealing with the lost of a loved one. I feel there are two kinds of deaths and both have a purpose, for timing or whatever your beliefs could mark. It is sad to lose somebody suddenly, and more if he or she died because of someone else fault. He/She didn’t deserve that you might say.

And the other kind of death is of the people who are sick, suffering to their end. Many people ask for miracles but sometimes the quality of life is what matters.

So far I deal with the lost of both of my Grandfathers and one of Grandmothers, one of health conditions by being exposed to acid gases and lead when fixing and building car batteryes, my other grandfather had a fatal fall

photo credit: Mollivan Jon