We used to go to school the last fridays of the month

For some time I have been curious and paid some attention on how generally there ain’t activity of cars picking up kids at schools on Fridays (primary schools, and some others), I don’t know if this is a casualty. As classes continue normally from Monday to Thursdays with cars picking up students. It apparently has something to do with the casualty that I drive by on the last friday of the month.

As I’ve read and heard from others; the last friday of the month is the day when teachers in Mexico have briefs, meetings, courses for improving teaching and learning on their classes and in fact the country’s education (so there ain’t classes). I may have been losing the notion of time as it feels as if we were living more Fridays end of the month that the ones available by month with all the free days off caused by holidays and public holidays. It feels as if we were trapped on a perpetual Friday at the end of the month.

I imagine that it has to be exhausting going to schools nowadays, in my time I recall we attended school from Monday to Friday (during the morning), I recall that teachers used to leave us alone while attending to briefs at the principal’s office, so we had to come up with games inside the classroom, what now is called bullying and some other meanness. I can’t recall a Friday with no classes at home. It feels kind of silly writing in my time as on my parents days (that eventually were very different from ours), in which they attended school the whole day as they tell and in some occasions on Saturdays.

Many things have happened in Mexico that I feel had weakened education and over all exposed the ones who control or manipulate the Educational System here, scandals and lost scholar periods at Oaxaca, Tabasco, Guerrero, Michoacan and some other States where teachers have spent more time on strikes than in front of a class teaching. They talk of the high level of education in the North of the country, but here at Coahuila I can tell it is not that well.

We have a system with its deficiencies which works thanks to the will of many, but not as it had to. You could tell that something had happened to the country, a regression on education, because of corruption, and/or convenience of of the productive motor of the nation, that might not have a place and opportunity for all even if you success on your education. Is there a chance for all?

Something is going on, it could be that the educational system is way obsolete, as our authorities, as the ones who edit our free text books with thousands of misspells. Without any penalizations, everybody doing what they can, with what they leave ($) to do it. Teachers with 2 or 5 bases at schools, Teachers with more of 100 years of age earning more that the Mexican President, a joke for the citizens with and without education.

The greatest enemy of a Government is a cult country.