Cycling adventure: Frontera to La Madrid, Coahuila

I just got time to think about my last trip on bicycle and write about, happened Saturday the 2nd of July, 2016 when a group of friends from my town and groups of mountain biking clubs got together to ride about 32 miles into dirt roads from Frontera to La Madrid, Coah.

The trail

Or check the detailed activity here.

We started the trip by 4:50pm with a temperature around 104 F, we were a group of almost 15 urban, mountain bikers and route cyclists all of us on mountain bicycles because of the road conditions, dirt, rocks and gravel, and asphalt on some sections.

I’m the 4th from left to right.

Crossed from Frontera to Sacramento, Coah. by the inner dirt roads so we didn’t have to enter San Buenaventura, Coah. which is further away and the highway is narrow. The complete route from Frontera to La Madrid was marked to be done in 2:30 hrs on Google Maps, it took us around 5:30 hrs. We did way more time because of taking longer paths.

The Pozuelos trail


On the middle of nothing the temperature raised to 113 F.

A greener area





Celemania, Coah.



We arrived to La Madrid with the darkness of the night, set the camping ground at a ranch place with fence, no power energy and a pretty warm small but great swimming pool (at the moment) to refresh from the ride (my eyes were boiling). The following morning I enter this little stream that was nearby, the water was so fresh and way cooler than the warm if not boiling swimming pool, the way I like it fresh and cold.

I like the connection to earth thru water. To be on it’s infinite cycle, to flow with it.

Los Mezquites – Cuatro Cienegas, Coah.

Late in the Sunday morning we decided not riding our bikes from La Madrid to Cuatro Cienegas, the sun was heavy and nobody opposed to take the trip with air conditioning in the trucks. We dropped to Los Mezquites to have a little snack and take a swim at the refreshing and bluish waters of this amazing place, what apparently I believe used to be an ocean.


Some more pictures of the place and it’s surroundings:






I love clouds and mountains, they’re simple and complex at the same time. And of course you can watch them for free.






Oh, yeah! I saw a firefly, and the Milky Way at the stairy night at La Madrid, Coah. Awesome and marvelous…