Hello new blog

Hello world! (once again)

I’ve been trying to continue blogging, and I feel I haven’t found the zen of it, as I’ve tried and tested several blog services and setups to find the perfect arrange to feel comfortable writing.


In 2010 I started blogging with WordPress, which I like a lot and have invested time in getting to know the platform, customize and hack for certain uses or purposes. I use it a lot as a web site solution for my customers, and for some personal projects. In WordPress I can find that certain serenity for business and corporate web pages and blogging that you can’t find anywhere else, but at the same time it gets complex and makes it hard to deal as its database grows, plugins, data backups, etc.

I had a blog that I’ve been trying to keep up to day with personal thoughts and a little of tech news, later on I got this idea of keeping it simple and minimal by removing ads, promotional banners, etc. So I started a journey or seek for the perfect minimal WordPress theme. I found several free and some other really nice for about $50USD, I went and tried the Free ones, added fewer plugins but it wasn’t enough as I had to be aware of new updates of plugins and WordPress core.

I like English language so I had a bilingual plugin as I started writing on Spanish and English as my second language. This also made it hard to keep up with two languages publications as I used to write in Spanish and then translate them to English, and some other times the other way. This made it more tedious and I didn’t feel too encouraged to do it as hard as I tried.

I was about to stop writing on English on my WordPress, but then I’m thinking to continue doing it and probably keep writing and use it as my main language as I like to exercise the use of this language. (I hope my writing makes any sense.)

##Some other minimal blogging options
Since I heard of the Markdown language in mid 2014 I fell in love with it, its simplicity made it appealing to me. I felt you can focus on writing and thats it, its simplicity made it appealing to me. I fell you can focus on writing and thats it, maybe adding one or two photos and several links keeping what you write clean of html code.

On this journey of experimenting other php blogs I came across with roon.io, gosth.org, silvrback and some others that you could use on the cloud and some others that you had to install on a local web server for testing or mount on a web server, most of them were free (with limitations), and others with some extra features that you had to pay as for a custom domain, analytics and hosting if you needed.

I tried almost all of them, and I can say I loved something of each one, their simplicity, most of them with Markdown language, but nothing like what I found on Scriptogr.am that is from where I’m writing (trying to write) right now.

Sriptogram is simple, minimal, it has almost all that the other solutions offer, it’s free, it stores your publications on Markdown (.md), you can also setup a backup at your Dropbox account and even publish from there by placing the .md file at the posts folder, there is also a Drafts folders for documents on process.

I liked it’s ease of use, it has everything I could ask. I had some problems to setup the top banner which I think I can and I’m going to fix later. You can also setup a domain redirection for free, just by placing a n A record with their IP at your domain/hosting service options, or a CName redirection.

There are few themes so far for free which you can customize by changing their HTML structure and CSS. I’ll customize the one I’m using later. Right now I’m getting used to write on Markdown something I always wanted to do since I heard about.

I’ll start to import some of my past entrances that I think would be cool keeping.

So this could be a new start, a new chance to continue blogging.