The GS Warriors lost the 2016 Championship

It’s been awhile since the W’s lost game 7 to this day when I’m (finally) posting this. I wanted to write something about it, but couldn’t find the words, time, or call it inspiration (blogging procrastination).

The last minutes of the game were like: “You dummies lost it!”. I was kind of pissed off, wasn’t devastated at all as since the OKC series they looked different, tired, injured, bored, they lose that spark they had the last season. Yeah! they had a magical preseason, season and postseason. The playoffs were different, as they started to beat themselves by not scoring, losing possessions by trying to remount the score when down by 30 by depending on 3 point baskets that weren’t going in. And so on, players had ups and downs, the bench not scoring, and so injuries arrived, Curry wasn’t aiming well, Thompson kind of lost sometimes, Green losing his mind and damaging seriously the team, Iggy’s back, Bogut knee.

Injuries and health were the monsters who stop them emotionally, and the Cavs the monster who finished them. The Cav’s were on a similar position last year, they arrived injured and fighted effortless against the W’s. This year they finally closed it strong, with LeBron’s chase and block on Iggy, and then Irving’s 3 pointer, it was like a nightmare, can’t tell it was supposed to happen, but the Warriors seemed on panic. Curry’s dejavú on the last possession; double marked not being able to shoot or even pass, like happened at his years at Davison when defeated against Kansas in 2008.


Well…, hope they learned something from that big lost. I hope they can come stronger after this now with new team members and some others that are going to be missed.

Let’s go Warriors!