Dropper Antivirus

Hi friends, I would like to share you this publication that I have already published on a tech blog that I write for.
It’s about an innocent and comic situation that I lived, and I’m telling it just as it happened, without making out anything.

Any other day at our business, it was year 2005, and Ruben and I were running the store.

-Until a person arrives and tell us that her daughter’s computer it’s infected by a virus, and that she has been asked to buy and anti-virus, the machine was somewhere in Mexico, so she was going to bring her daughter the vaccine to disinfect it.

And she says:

-I don’t know a lot of computers, nor anti-viruses, I don’t know if you can sell it to me on a medicine dropper to apply it later.

So we explained to her how you actually install an antivirus on a computer, and she went away happy with a cd with AVG anti-virus on it.

*This post was made with all the respect that the involved characters may deserve, thanks to their innocence or disinformation create this comic situations.