Almacenamiento de fotografías personales

A algunas personas nos gusta ir guardando fotografías con la familia, de eventos, salidas con amigos, vacaciones y demás, fotos que vamos tomando durante el día a día de nuestras vidas. En lo personal mi galería de fotografía ha crecido mucho los últimos años con el acceso a cámaras digitales y celulares con cada vez mejores cámaras.

Intento y procuro respaldar mis fotos al menos en dos discos duros externos ó dvd’s más a parte de tener activa la maquina virtual de apple en la maquina en donde guardo la copia principal. Llega a pasar tiempo en que lo olvido y/o se me hace tedioso revisar manualmente y descartar lo que no quiero guardar. Continue reading “Almacenamiento de fotografías personales”

Install Google Chrome by the Linux Command Line

I installed and started using Elementary OS a cool, minimalist and simple Linux distro based on Ubuntu. It comes with a Web browser called Midori and I wanted to use Google Chrome, I tried installing it by downloading the .deb file from the official location but it strangely didn’t want to get installed by the Software Center.

I found this solution to get it done by using the Command Line. Continue reading “Install Google Chrome by the Linux Command Line”

i’M-Leaving, moving to Android


I’ve owned some other phones prior to 2007. Back in 2001 when phones were kind of accessible to students in Mexico and most started using one of those Nokia brick monochromatic phones that worked only for calling and texting. Messaging was popular during those days as the network had some failures every now and then and there were holes during times that meant free texting hours.

I decided getting a phone later on 2005 when I felt I needed one and went from some monochromatic ones to others with a lamp on it, then to ones with tiny color screens (Motorola), and better ringtones (Sony Ericsson). Continue reading “i’M-Leaving, moving to Android”

Del Harvey, Twitter’s Troll Patrol

Del Harvey

I read an interesting article at about Twitter’s vice president of trust and safety -Del Harvey- who’s task at Twitter is to decide what stays and what has to go from this network, she has to deal with the worst like: spam, harassment, child exploitation, porn, treats of murder and rape, and a world of un imaginable atrocities that that the human mind can create to hurt others. A titanic task don’t you think?. Continue reading “Del Harvey, Twitter’s Troll Patrol”

What’s the best service for storing Images posted on Twitter?

twitter logo

This is a question that has been spinning around my head for some months as there are many options depending of the Twitter client you use, like the official, and some other free 3rd party services to Host images, most of them are dedicated Social networks of images that let you share to Twitter, some other are Dropbox like services (paid / free*) that let you share images on a certain way, there are and some PHP options around the web that you can mount on your hosting. Continue reading “What’s the best service for storing Images posted on Twitter?”