R.I.P. Oliver Sacks

August 30, 2015 – Dr. Oliver Sacks neurologist, poet, writer and over all human, died at 82 from terminal cancer. He wrote about the process of facing his terminal illness. I read about it at his N.Y. Times Column Titled “My Own Life: Oliver Sacks on learning he has terminal cancer” and the farewell image that I found sad, brave, and humble, I saved it on my computer probably because it’s something I’m gonna use some day on my life and I’m not going to find better words than his. Continue reading “R.I.P. Oliver Sacks”

Interacting with our devices and AI to communicate with others

The way we communicate has changed a lot on the latest decades. The first email account I had years ago at university was accessed on a MS-Dos system (on a green monochromatic monitor), accessed by commands with no graphics. Then I was exposed to the graphic Internet during University with services like IRC, Chat rooms, Hotmail, Yahoo! mailing services and ICQ. It was a door open to the whole world, not just for chatting with locals.

When the cellphone started being popular among students in 2001 (here at my hometown Monclova, Coah.), sending texts was popular because of the cheap rates and instability of the charging system. Few years later Instant Messaging (IM) became very popular, things had changed recently with other Apps cutting and sharing the IM communications cake.

Nowadays besides just text you can talk in some of the latest VoIP technologies on Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, FaceTime and so on if you rather using your data instead of just calling on the cellphone the old way. There are more than 2 ways of receiving a call. Continue reading “Interacting with our devices and AI to communicate with others”

Korean food, market and other sweetness

On my last trip to CA I was exited to get to see my friends after years and some hours of flight, but also on the mood of having certain kind of foods and tastes that I hadn’t have for a while.

Landing from my last connection from Colorado it was getting time for dinner, so when in San Jose I thought of Korean food. After my friends picked me up they were wondering if I wanted to have Korean food or something else, “Korean food” was my instantly reply.
Continue reading “Korean food, market and other sweetness”

Seeking Teslas in the wild

In my last trip to Ca. I was kind of interested on seeing a Tesla Car (the fantastic and most technologically advanced electric car from Tesla Motors) and also (if lucky) getting the chance to interact with it. It was something like those other activities at Santa Cruz of looking for animals in the wild like: Quails, Coyotes at the Longs Marine Laboratory or getting to see a Sea Otter at the Pacific Ocean or (closer) at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Continue reading “Seeking Teslas in the wild”

Back in CA 2015

Heading back for a break, but also for saying Hello!

It’s always nice to be around the Silicon Valley and the Bay Area to see familiar faces and feel as a few days or weeks had just passed since the last time we saw each others. It took me 4 years coming back, I was kind of immersed on this daily routine and bunch of other compromises that “kept me” from postponing this vacation trip. Continue reading “Back in CA 2015”

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2014

I’ve been celebrating it any time I gather with Family and Friends. To celebrate life, our missed birthdays, unknown triumphs, to recall the ones who have left, ones who are away and the ones who are close to our hearts.

I adopted this Holiday, I learned what it really meant by living it with some US and Foreign friends years ago, it was a pure Thanksgiving day, not the whole media thing. It was special.

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving Day! 🙂

i’M-Leaving, moving to Android


I’ve owned some other phones prior to 2007. Back in 2001 when phones were kind of accessible to students in Mexico and most started using one of those Nokia brick monochromatic phones that worked only for calling and texting. Messaging was popular during those days as the network had some failures every now and then and there were holes during times that meant free texting hours.

I decided getting a phone later on 2005 when I felt I needed one and went from some monochromatic ones to others with a lamp on it, then to ones with tiny color screens (Motorola), and better ringtones (Sony Ericsson). Continue reading “i’M-Leaving, moving to Android”