Jose Mujica at Guadalajara’s FIL 2014

This year the International Book Fair (FIL) Guadalajara 2014 had two very memorable talks, Jose Mujica President of the Republica Oriental del Uruguay (Western Republic of Uruguay) was invited to receive the Lion’s Heart award at the University of Guadalajara.

President Mujica gave a speech at the award event and a sort of interview the following day, which was conducted by the well known Mexican broadcaster Ricardo Rocha Continue reading “Jose Mujica at Guadalajara’s FIL 2014”

Del Harvey, Twitter’s Troll Patrol

Del Harvey

I read an interesting article at about Twitter’s vice president of trust and safety -Del Harvey- who’s task at Twitter is to decide what stays and what has to go from this network, she has to deal with the worst like: spam, harassment, child exploitation, porn, treats of murder and rape, and a world of un imaginable atrocities that that the human mind can create to hurt others. A titanic task don’t you think?. Continue reading “Del Harvey, Twitter’s Troll Patrol”