Continue scanning broken, EPSON DS-150

*How to dissasemble the EPSON DS-150 Workforce Document Scanner, here

I checked an EPSON DS-150 document scanner, the continue scanning option that you can activate on the front of the device was broken, it failed to feed a single sheet of paper sometimes, most of the times after the third scan would make a jumping & cracking gear noise and get a bunch of paper all thru that sometimes might get stuck showing an error Led.

The failure probably started by pulling the paper and not opening the front door to remove it properly.

I noticed it has this kind of transmission axis that blocks some gears when you put the switch on continue scanning at the front panel so it won’t rotate and stop the paper on the tray. So when broken it turns getting all the paper.


Here is the transmission thing, that seems to lock two rubber drums on the back of the front door.


I didn’t look that well on the Internet for getting the damaged part, and also wasn’t sure of how much torsion would suffer if I tried gluing it or reinforcing it. If you have a 3D Printer you can probably make the piece.

Instead I decided to build it from a ground metal thing from an old grounded computer current plug. The size is about the same and I had plenty around. You can make it from any material that might resist some torsion on its ends where seems fragile to break.


I copied the plastic transmission section into the ground metal thing, and dremel it to cut it with both connections on the sides. I put them together and they fitted kind of tight on the middle section where they join.



Inserted the transmission axis that blocks all paper from going thru. It seems to work well when placing it near the gray rubber drums.



Tested scanning 60 to 100 receipts several times and worked well. It does the work to lock the rubber drums so it can get a piece of paper per scan.


Probably the hardest part was to disassembling it to find the error.

Disassembling the EPSON DS-150

It was like trying to open this japanese wooden boxes puzzles I’ve been looking on youtube lately. But this is plastic clips and screws, kind of easier.

I’m gonna try to guide how to open it to the front section that it’s were I found the plastic broken thing.

You’re going to need a plastic opening pry tool, and a star screwdriver.

You start by unplugging it from the energy and usb on the back of the device, you put it upside down and look for the red arrow clips so you can slide the first tray to the front, then unlock the green arrow locks to pull away the whole tray.


You’re going to find 3 screws, unscrew them.


Flip the device to its normal position and open the feed section and open the front door facing to you.

Open the little gray door and be careful of not moving the gray rubber things, you might need to re-arrange it to one side when closing it again. There is a screw hided there.

Remove the following 3 screws.


With a plastic opening pry tool unclip the sides and down below the front, so you’re going to pull it away from its base.

Later, you’re going to find a screw on each hinge that supports the front section. Unscrew them. (They’re about this area where the reddish rows point).


By removing those screws you’re going to be able to remove the plastic covers of each hinge. Oh!, there is this long plastic thing on the right top side, you have to remove it to release the hinge cover.

Then you have to carefully disjoint the hinges, you start by opening all the front door, and sliding it to the left so you can then push up the right side hinge, there’s a gap on its top so it can come out, then slide it to the right so the left hinge will get released. Be careful with the data cables.

Then remove the front panel screws on the back located here.
The ones below are hided so you have to disassemble it all, thank you EPSON! 😛


And again with the pry tool, open the clips on the sides to remove the cover, be careful to slide it down so the gray opening lever won’t get on the way.

And there you have. 😉