Best tech for urban cycling, 2014


These are some of the best bike projects that I’ve seen lately since 2013 until 2014. Some of this technologies are affordable and some other way expensive.


I recently supported funding project called See.Sence on Kickstarter, I liked the idea of an intelligent set of lights for my bike that can react to the road and cars. There are some other projects and lights products but I went with this because I felt it was worth. I’ll be publishing about them as soon as I get them. They’re coming from the UK.

Price: from £80


I really liked this idea of a seat that transforms in to a bike lock, is very versatile as it folds and unfolds to secure your bike when needed on a pole or anywhere where you would secure your bike with a lock and a chain.

Price: from $85 USD on Kickstarter

Copenhagen Wheel

I’ve seen some many other projects of hybrid bikes that have been getting better during the years, with more compact batteries and lighter. I loved this product where all you had to do is changing the rear wheel and start pedaling. It is great to have that extra support for pedaling stiff roads, and it sounds great that the device learns your movements and will help you out when needed.

Price: US $700


This lights are nice for giving your bike a futuristic look, as the sort of motorcycles at Tron movie. They don’t seem to be that bright as the See.Sense ones. This tech has to be fixed to your route or fixed bike, that use thin wheels, it isn’t made for mountain bikes so far.

Price: from US $230

Hövding – Invisible helmet

One of the most revolutionary invents very alike the car exploding air bags, a collar that explodes and covers your head when an accident happens to receive the impact. A product built for those who like not to wear a helmet but a scarf on their necks.

Price: €300

Vanhawks Valour

They call it “The bike of the future”, a very here and now future as a Tesla car. This bike is like an extension App of your smartphone or vise versa, as it features a log for your rides where you can learn more about time, calories burned. It would detect blind spots and vibrate the handles to let you know you know somebody is coming on your side or besides you. I liked the way it works on a network where bikes report conditions of the road and help the community for making ride choices. I liked the carbon fiber bike, which is light and minimal, like my dreamed single speed bike.

Price: Kickstarter, US $900 to $1,250

Blaze Laserlight

A Kickstarter Project, to build a lamp with a laser projection of a symbol of a bike, so cars can see you coming even if you’re on their blind spot.

  • Update September 6, 2014


This bike project was the winner of The Bike Design Project at where several teams competed to design the Ultimate Urban Utility Bike. They will be building it for retail soon.

I love this bike, is vey simple, technologically advanced, minimal and it’s going to be really expensive, but worth it.

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