The best Simpsons Episode

I haven’t seen The Simpsons for a while, I still like them it’s just that I don’t see that much TV anymore, now is mostly Youtube, I just check my channel subscriptions on the look for new movie trailers and stuff that I like.

I found an article at The Verge about some voices leaving the show, and the anger and frustration this is causing. FOX Latino already suffered that on its shows, I recall this time when they changed the characters voices I think it was Homer, at first was kind of weird as the “original voices” the ones we were used to were more funny. It felt as if the episodes needed that extra condiment that the voices bring, and I think after a while everybody got used and everything was alright, nobody died.


So by reading that article I found this 2011 episode called Holidays of Future Passed (Season 23 Episode 9), of what could be a season finale episode or series finale one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen, besides that episode where Lisa sees into her future by a Fortune Teller, it was cool to see what happened with their lives, so this goes even further with more detail.

The family picture slideshow is awesome. To see how they were changing over the years, Bart divorced with 2 sons, Lisa married with a rebel daughter, Maggie a Rockstar having a baby, Homer a cool grandpa, evolved pets, etc, a pretty awesome and nice show to recall.

I watched the episode here, if you’re lucky you can probably see it.