Back in CA 2015

Heading back for a break, but also for saying Hello!

It’s always nice to be around the Silicon Valley and the Bay Area to see familiar faces and feel as a few days or weeks had just passed since the last time we saw each others. It took me 4 years coming back, I was kind of immersed on this daily routine and bunch of other compromises that “kept me” from postponing this vacation trip.

Things doesn’t look that changed thou friends seem the same, kids have grown, but are the same.

When I was landing I was kind of imagining what would be better for a friends reunion, probably going into somebody’s home or picking a restaurant for having dinner. While I was walking my way out of the airport I was kind of daydreaming that we should get some korean food, and that was exactly what happened, we went to Choi’s Korean Restaurant.

We’ve been there before, they serve pretty good South Korean food, my friend who is Korean recommended that place years ago when we were looking to taste food that taste really Korean.

So let’s go out to have some great food. Food it’s all that it counts 🙂