Artificial Intelligence and the road to our doom

A lot of people like to dream bout what is going to be possible in the distant Future, (I do) and we are actually being witness of this first technologies that several decades a go appeared at SiFi TV shows, movies or were also distant dreams for our grand and great grandparents.

Back in 1997 or 1998 I recall myself explaining the CD-R to my grand-father, telling him about how many information was able to saved in that amount of Mega Bytes and Minutes in Sound. He liked to read, and had a 12 volume or so Enciclopedia that we used to consult for our homework back in 1992. His face drew some sort of amazement with this thin layer of round plastic resins, and the amount of information that could contend on it, for example: one of the first Encarta Digital Encyclopedias on a CD.

We have been consuming technology for so long, devices have made our life easier, multimedia stuff, music, video, printed stuff, everything has been transforming. We rarely look backwards, but newer generations make us think of what we used to have before. For example: Now we have the Cloud for storing files and The Internet of Things to control devices thru the internet, and 3D Printers for prototyping and also for printing food, before all that there were tapes, soft disks, flash storage devices, ink, toner printers, etc.

Medicine + Tech

I feel that the most important use of technology are the immense advances in Medicine and Health to fight new, heritage diseases, and unknown viruses that keep appearing on a world that has seen it almost all. Microscopic surgeries are now possible with robotic machines that with just a little incision doctors can work on you, the better part of it helping for a patients faster recovery.

The Automated Future

So the thing is focusing on the Future, automated stuff, robots that could make our days or last days on earth pleasant with their assistance. There are hundreds of novels and movies, between the most advanced to its era were the ones from the Russian Isaac Asimov the father of the Robots and its laws.

I enjoy watching movies about Artificial Intelligence (AI), about smart robots not just one task robots which also are respectable, but about the ones that think, make choices, question, feel, and later rise against its creators putting in risk human kind as it happens in most of the films.

Some of the best AI that I’ve watched in movies are:

Interstellar (2014).

Tars, Case & Kipp, which assist the astronauts into their universe journey. Their personalities are adjustable, humor was basic to love their lines on this movie.

Automata (2014).

Consciousness and the ability to fix themselves frightens a group who is disconnecting (killing) robots with this “malfunction”, surviving robots were displaced out of the city, the ones that remained were programed to follow instructions.

Her (2013).

The AI personal female assistant on an Operating System always active, interacts with the user who later falls in love with her. (Right now we have “Siri”, “Cortana” and “OK Google”, I feel they are on kindergarden, learning basic commands to get information for us. Let’s see what happens later).

The Machine (2013).

An AI brain that goes into a Machine who is conscious, aware of hurting.

Robot & Frank (2012).

The assistant Robot who works as company and care giver. Friend.

A machine made for replacing a kid, and it’s journey to discover where he belonged between humans and robots.

A conscious robot who wants to be and transcend as a human.

And some promising ones:

A machine that can think and feel.

A.I. and robot ethics.

All this movies have something in common, our interest on dreaming what’s ahead. We’ve seen many advances in robotics by Japan, and AI by software/hardware companies like Google and IBM. It’s just a matter of time to put this together and experiment the whole IA experience.

We may don’t know what’s going to happen, if Asimovs 3 laws are going to rule the positronic brain, and some other questions. At movies we have got it wrong over robots, and they have raised on most of them. Probably if we learn to respect we could have a chance of surviving, perhaps that’s the main idea that movies want to wake on us, respecting ourselves and others, all living species.

I got this quotes from the trailer of Ex Machina one of the latest and most promising movies about AI and robot ethics. I liked the comments and ideas from some well known tech pioneers.

“AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately. It might also be the last.” -Elon Musk

“The development of full Artificial Intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” -Stephen Hawking

“Google will fulfill its mission only when its search engine is AI-Complete.” – Larry Page

“If you invent Artificial Intelligence. That’s that’s last invention you’ll ever have to invent.” -D. Scott Phoenix (Co-Founder of Vicarious)

“If a Super Intelligent Machine decided to get rid of us. I think it would do so pretty efficiently.” -Shane (Co-Founder of Google Deepmind)

“Artificial Intelligence, which human are creating, could soon become unstoppable.” -Nick Bilton (The New York Times)

“The best film about consciousness ever made.” -Vaughn Bell (Mindhacks)

“An unnerving meditation on the ethics of artificial intelligence.
Oh baby you have no idea.” -Peter Travers (Rolling Stone)

“Ex Machina feels like an idea Tim Cook might mention during the next iPhone conference.” -Ian Phillips (Business Insider)

“Beware Sexy Robots.” -Seven Rosenbaum (Forbes)

“I don’t understand why some people are not concerned.” -Bill Gates