I want a salad of ideas with tech dressing, art on a side, medium well metaphors, fried fiction, not politics thanks and a glass of water, please. To go.

Hello world!

My name is Cesar Tecuanhuehue.

I studied Computer Sciences at the Engineering Faculty of the Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila at its Campus Monclova, my major was Web design and English as a Second Language.

I do Web design, WordPress customizations, Social Media solutions for Sistemas Evolucion.

I like to ride my bike often, commute on it to work when the weather is OK. I Also serve as Staff for Urban Cyclist Monclova on Thursdays rides.

Like reading fiction, fun stuff, and watching foreign, sci-fi, magical movies, I’m involved in art every now and then when I feel the need.

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Here is where I post some of my artistic works. Behance profile


Monclova Mayor Election 2013 – I followed and shared information to get to know better the candidates by putting together some info available on the Internet and Social Networks. http://cthue.com/mva/eleccion2013