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Apr 12, 2015

My new avatar.

I usually don't change that often my social networks photo profiles, it takes a while finding a photo can represent me clearly.

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Apr 8, 2015

Un Monclova más amigable con la bicicleta.

El 4 de Abril utilicé los llamados días santos (vacaciones) para pasear por la ciudad de Monclova en bicicleta, aproveché para darme una vuelta a una zona que no circulo mucho; la Avenida Constitución en la cual recientemente inauguraron un área de ejercicios para la ciudadanía así como una prometedora ruta para bicicleta paralela al Rio Monclova.

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Apr 6, 2015

The Fast, The Furius, and The Ugly.

I don't know why I'm writing about this, probably because I do care a bit or had some sort of hopes for it. I started believing in the franchise Fast & The Furious since their first movie in 2001 with most of the original cast which I think was the best:

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Mar 16, 2015

A fresh visit of USA to Cuba.

On January 2015 President Obama said that The US was going to start easing their embargo to Cuba a thing that most people who love this two countries liked. I read pretty optimistic and cherish articles at the New York Times and The Newyorker and some other well known new sites. And there was an American who got there first.

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Mar 7, 2015

Un boulevard Madero verde.

madero corte visualizacion verde

Durante el año 2014 y principios de 2015 se ha venido especulando sobre cambios a el Boulevard Francisco I. Madero en la ciudad de Monclova, Coah. una de las principales arterias que conectan Frontera con_Monclova_ y viceversa. También punto estratégico, hub de conexión para los cuerpos de rescate que salen a distintos puntos de la ciudad a atender emergencias.

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Feb 7, 2015

Sketching in black and white, again.

sketch book

I used to sketch and draw, always been inspired by others who I believe have better skills than me. I've been busy doing some other stuff that I haven't put more effort on it, when I've done it I feel is relaxing, and heals.

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Jan 17, 2015

Korean food, market and other sweetness.

On my last trip to CA I was exited to get to see my friends after years and some hours of flight, but also on the mood of having certain kind of foods and tastes that I hadn't have for a while.

Landing from my last connection from Colorado it was getting time for dinner, so when in San Jose I thought of Korean food. After my friends picked me up they were wondering if I wanted to have Korean food or something else, "Korean food" was my instantly reply.

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Jan 15, 2015

Seeking Teslas in the wild.

In my last trip to Ca. I was kind of interested on seeing a Tesla Car (the fantastic and most technologically advanced electric car from Tesla Motors) and also (if lucky) getting the chance to interact with it. It was something like those other activities at Santa Cruz of looking for animals in the wild like: Quails, Coyotes at the Longs Marine Laboratory or getting to see a Sea Otter at the Pacific Ocean or (closer) at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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Jan 12, 2015
Dec 23, 2014

Back in CA.

Heading back for a break, but also for saying Hello!

It's always nice to be around the Silicon Valley and the Bay Area to see familiar faces and feel as a few days or weeks had just passed since the last time we saw each others. It took me 4 years coming back, I was kind of immersed on this daily routine and bunch of other compromises that "kept me" from postponing this vacation trip.

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