Interacting with our devices and AI to communicate with others

The way we communicate has changed a lot on the latest decades. The first email account I had years ago at university was accessed on a MS-Dos system (on a green monochromatic monitor), accessed by commands with no graphics. Then I was exposed to the graphic Internet during University with services like IRC, Chat rooms, Hotmail, Yahoo! mailing services and ICQ. It was a door open to the whole world, not just for chatting with locals.

When the cellphone started being popular among students in 2001 (here at my hometown Monclova, Coah.), sending texts was popular because of the cheap rates and instability of the charging system. Few years later Instant Messaging (IM) became very popular, things had changed recently with other Apps cutting and sharing the IM communications cake.

Nowadays besides just text you can talk in some of the latest VoIP technologies on Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, FaceTime and so on if you rather using your data instead of just calling on the cellphone the old way. There are more than 2 ways of receiving a call. Continue reading “Interacting with our devices and AI to communicate with others”

Almacenamiento de fotografías personales

A algunas personas nos gusta ir guardando fotografías con la familia, de eventos, salidas con amigos, vacaciones y demás, fotos que vamos tomando durante el día a día de nuestras vidas. En lo personal mi galería de fotografía ha crecido mucho los últimos años con el acceso a cámaras digitales y celulares con cada vez mejores cámaras.

Intento y procuro respaldar mis fotos al menos en dos discos duros externos ó dvd’s más a parte de tener activa la maquina virtual de apple en la maquina en donde guardo la copia principal. Llega a pasar tiempo en que lo olvido y/o se me hace tedioso revisar manualmente y descartar lo que no quiero guardar. Continue reading “Almacenamiento de fotografías personales”

Hate and Forgiveness movies

These are some of the best movies I’ve watched so far, movies about revenge and forgiveness, about closing a circle on this or previous lives, and starting a new phase a new chance.

They all touch similar themes and particular conditions take them to make different choices, but the path to redemption is almost the same.
Continue reading “Hate and Forgiveness movies”

Hello WP world!

So here I am again, moving into WordPress after months if not a year since I migrated my personal Blog to Scriptogram, but after reading that it’s being discontinued and will shut down by August 2015 I thought it was time to jump off the boat to a more stable platform and over all with support.

I thought and considered getting a VPS server for installing and running Ghost a simple blog platform kind of alike Scriptogram and Silvrback, so I came up with adding Markdown support to WP and this cool theme called Ecto.

I’ll be migrating all my past posts here, and also posting new ones every now and then as usual.

The sleeping Fenix, and the roaring Dragon

So longer story short:

“Mexican Government welcomes wide open Chinese Steel into its territory, China’s steel very low low prices make suffer Mexico’s sleeping Steel Industry, Mexican Steel Industry really pissed off with it’s government, My town’s steel company will turn upside down the country’s borders if there’s no change on Steel dumping”.

Well, apparently as there are many versions of what is really going on at my town’s Steel Factory, some others are: “there’s no money”, “they’re not exporting”, “they’re selling the company”, “they need to be effective”, “new owners are coming”, “steel related industry projects are coming and they need changes on steel policies” , and so on. In the meanwhile there’s panic, as this town depends mainly on steel related works.

The forecast for the company’s health and life isn’t clear, so as externs we just have to wait and see what time and money has for them, and us.

Best wishes for a honest company, and a farewell to ineffectiveness.

The Year of the Warriors

I’ve been a basketball fan since decades ago, like almost everybody I started following Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, then I followed Shaquille O’neal and the Orlando Magic. Then the Los Angeles Lakers when Shaq moved, he had great seasons and Championships with Kobe Bryant but when he moved to The Miami Heat I guess it was the end for me of watching basketball.

Several seasons ago I watched and witnessed the Spurs winning some championships then lost notion of the NBA teams, players and who was the most dominant. Young promises appeared as Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James, They were compared to the greatest player in the world Michael Jordan. So I totally forgot about basketball or even playing it. Continue reading “The Year of the Warriors”

Exposición Ukiyo-e Museo Pape 2015

entrada expo

La exposición “Ukiyo-e: Imagenes del mundo flotante” se presentó en el Museo Pape en la ciudad de Monclova Coah. del 13 de Febrero al 17 de Mayo de 2015 en conjunto con el Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, complementada por obras contemporáneas de artistas Mexicanos que le dieron un toque renovado a el arte antigua.

La muestra nos llevó a recordar y redescubrir el arte, cultura y estética de Japón a través de grabados ó estampas en las que se imprimió la vida de la ciudad de Tokio entre los siglos XVII y XIX en aquel entonces llamada Edo. Continue reading “Exposición Ukiyo-e Museo Pape 2015”